Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids - Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

In many schools or learning centers, kids are taught in different and interesting ways rather them giving lectures or asking them to read books. Kids have restless minds and bookish lessons may not be very effective for them.

Brain teasers for kids is an effective way of teaching and learning. These are fun and boosts creativity. Here are some types of brainteasers that you should know about.


This is the most basic form of a brainteaser. These are questions that need to be solved creatively. Riddles are fun and the kids will have to spend some time thinking to solve the riddles.

Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids 1 - Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

Language association

This type of brainteaser can help to learn language better. Kids will better understand the meaning of words, spellings, sounds, and categorization. Word association, mystery words, rhyming words, and picture puzzles are forms of language association brainteasers.

You can ask the kids to come up with a word that falls in the same category of words mentioned. You can ask them to find rhyming words or write words by looking at the pictures.

Lateral thinking problems

In this brainteaser, a problem will be presented, and the kids will have to solve the problem creatively. The kids need to use logic to solve the problems.

Math puzzles

Math puzzles will help kids to solve tricky problems. They will eventually get better in math and do well in exams. These can be in the form of riddles, pattern problems, or puzzles.

Brainteasers are game-based learning, so kids do not feel as if they are studying; they consider them as games. As a result, they become more interested in them and participate enthusiastically. Brainteasers will make your kids’ brains sharper.