Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids - Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

In many schools or learning centers, kids are taught in different and interesting ways rather them giving lectures or asking them to read books. Kids have restless minds and bookish lessons may not be very effective for them.

Brain teasers for kids is an effective way of teaching and learning. These are fun and boosts creativity. Here are some types of brainteasers that you should know about.


This is the most basic form of a brainteaser. These are questions that need to be solved creatively. Riddles are fun and the kids will have to spend some time thinking to solve the riddles.

Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids 1 - Different Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

Language association

This type of brainteaser can help to learn language better. Kids will better understand the meaning of words, spellings, sounds, and categorization. Word association, mystery words, rhyming words, and picture puzzles are forms of language association brainteasers.

You can ask the kids to come up with a word that falls in the same category of words mentioned. You can ask them to find rhyming words or write words by looking at the pictures.

Lateral thinking problems

In this brainteaser, a problem will be presented, and the kids will have to solve the problem creatively. The kids need to use logic to solve the problems.

Math puzzles

Math puzzles will help kids to solve tricky problems. They will eventually get better in math and do well in exams. These can be in the form of riddles, pattern problems, or puzzles.

Brainteasers are game-based learning, so kids do not feel as if they are studying; they consider them as games. As a result, they become more interested in them and participate enthusiastically. Brainteasers will make your kids’ brains sharper.

5 Tips to Use Flashcards Effectively

5 Tips to Use Flashcards Effectively - 5 Tips to Use Flashcards Effectively

Whenever you have an exam, the preparation can be very hectic. If you take a concentration test, you will find that many people tend to lose concentration before the exam. One of the best ways to prepare for your exams is by using flashcards.

These are very effective in remembering things that you tend to forget. Here are some tips to make good use of these flashcards.

Have one question and one answer

In the flashcards, you should have one question on the front side and one answer on the backside. Though you can have multiple answers, it is easy to remember one answer.

Have the answer in a short form

Don’t try to write a long answer to the question. Just have a short form of the answer which will be easy to remember. After all, flashcards are for quick revisions.

Repeat them

You must repeat the cards at long intervals. You will not be able to remember things looking at a flashcard once. So, repeating them will help you to remember.

Use pictures

Instead of using words try to use pictures as people can remember and recall pictures more than words. So, instead of naming an animal, for example, you can draw a picture of the animal. You can also combine pictures and words.

Use other methods

You should not just depend on the flashcards to memorize things. You should use other methods like a quiz or practice test to revise well for the exam.

Whether you are preparing for the test in your academic school or music school, flashcards are handy. You should use them often, especially before the exams so that you remember things easily and can recall them as well during the exams.

5 Ways to Study Smarter

5 Ways to Study Smarter - 5 Ways to Study Smarter

You must have heard that some students study long hours every day to get good grades. They often miss their fun time playing or watching TV. They simply keep on studying forgetting about the rest of the world.

However, this is not a good habit of studying. You need to study smarter which will take much less effort.

Be present in all the classes

You must be on time for every class and pay attention to what the teachers are saying. If you focus on your studies in class, then you will remember things better as the teachers use various examples to teach the students.

If you think that you are losing concentration in class, then you can record the lecture on your mobile and then listen to them once you are home.

5 Ways to Study Smarter 1 - 5 Ways to Study Smarter

Study every day in small chunks

You do not have to finish a whole chapter or story in one day. Read a few pages every day; that way you will remember it well. If you read too much at one time, you will have difficulty recalling what you have studied.

Plan beforehand

You should plan to study for assignments and exams beforehand. Do not keep everything for the last moment. You will not remember most of the things during the exam. You should plan for them early and keep time for revisions and practice.

Study in groups

Many children find it difficult to study alone. So, you can join a study group and study together with your friends. This way you can clarify things you do not understand and explain answers that you know to your group members. That way your memory and concentration will improve.

You must get enough sleep every night; otherwise, you will not be able to concentrate on your studies. You must allocate a specific room for studies so that you can easily focus on your studies. These smart ways of studying will save time and help you do well in exams.

How Kids Can Get Good Grades in School

How Kids Can Get Good Grades in School - How Kids Can Get Good Grades in School

Most parents want their children to get good grades in school. It is important to do well in the exams; otherwise, they will not get to good colleges. Here are some tips to help kids get better grades.

Talk to them

You must talk to them and encourage them to study. You should listen to their problems and try to come up with a solution. You should ask them why their grades are going down and explain to them that it is time to improve them.

If your children get a bad grade, do not scold them, it will lower their self-esteem and they will feel demotivated. They may even start lying in fear of getting scolded. So, a discussion is the best way to deal with it.

Develop good studying habits

You should make your children understand good study habits which include prioritizing work, studying regularly, time management, and others.

Help them with homework

You must help your children with homework. This will motivate them, and they will be able to understand the subject well. They will also be more attentive in your presence.

Know about learning techniques

Everyone does not learn the same way. Some learn better when they see charts and pictures, whereas others learn better by hearing lectures. Some people learn better through practical activities.

Many people learn by reading and writing. So, try to find out with which technique your children are comfortable with and teach them at home accordingly.

Monitor their screen time

It is a bad habit of children of this generation to spend hours on screens. You must monitor your children’s screen time; otherwise, they will not get enough sleep and will lose interest in studies which will affect their grades.

These useful tips will help children to do better in exams. They will be more attentive in their studies and understand the importance of doing well in exams.

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Teaching Kids How to Count

Teaching Kids How to Count - Teaching Kids How to Count

Teaching how to count is probably the most basic skill you will teach your children. In kindergarten, the teachers in school will teach them how to count.

But you can start it before they go to kindergarten, that way your children will be able to understand addition, subtraction, and other math problems easily. There are various fun ways of teaching kids how to count.

Modeling counting

Teaching Kids How to Count 1 - Teaching Kids How to Count

In this technique, you raise your fingers and ask your kids to count them. As you feed them you say the number of spoons of food you are putting in the bowl aloud and then ask the kids to do the same.

If you notice birds sitting on the tress, ask the kids to count them. If they are coloring, then ask them to count the number of crayons.

Use number books

Teaching Kids How to Count 2 - Teaching Kids How to Count

These books have colorful pictures which the kids will like. Counting is taught with the help of images. For example, if there are two birds drawn on the book then ask your kids to count how many birds.


Teaching Kids How to Count 3 - Teaching Kids How to Count

You can buy an abacus for your kids and ask them to count the colored bids. They will love to play with the abacus and learn counting at the same time.

Path games

Teaching Kids How to Count 4 - Teaching Kids How to Count

Take a ludo board or other board game and ask the kids to roll some dice. Then teach them how to move the token towards the right path according to the number that appears on the dice.

These techniques are very simple. Your kids will have fun at the same time learn one of the most valuable life lessons. They will have a strong foundation from childhood.