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Along with a kid’s physical health, you also need to be concerned about the kid’s mental health. All parents want their children to do well in school and life in general. But sometimes, as they are growing up, they lose the concentration to study and may lose track of it altogether.

So, you need to be concerned about the cognitive development of your child. Here are some great books you can read about this topic.

125 Brain Games for Kids

By – Jackie Silberg

You will find fun ways to develop the brain when reading this book. The first year of the baby is critical for nurturing the brain. You will find activities that improve the brainpower of babies.

All these activities have been well researched, so you will get positive results from them.

Cognitive Development of Three- And Four-Year-Old’s

By – Susan A. Miller, EdD

The preschoolers experience a lot of things. They need to understand their surroundings. They are always fascinated by the new things they experience every day. At this stage, they learn how to think and understand.

They can even solve problems. In this book, you will find strategies to support the cognitive development of your children.

Childhood Cognitive Development – The Essential Readings

By – Kang Lee

Here you will get various articles written by researchers in developmental psychology. The book will help you to understand the importance of cognitive development during childhood and what steps you can take as a parent.

These books have good reviews and are written after doing thorough research in the field. So, you will learn a lot about children’s cognitive development if you read any of these books.