5 Tips to Use Flashcards Effectively

5 Tips to Use Flashcards Effectively - 5 Tips to Use Flashcards Effectively

Whenever you have an exam, the preparation can be very hectic. If you take a concentration test, you will find that many people tend to lose concentration before the exam. One of the best ways to prepare for your exams is by using flashcards.

These are very effective in remembering things that you tend to forget. Here are some tips to make good use of these flashcards.

Have one question and one answer

In the flashcards, you should have one question on the front side and one answer on the backside. Though you can have multiple answers, it is easy to remember one answer.

Have the answer in a short form

Don’t try to write a long answer to the question. Just have a short form of the answer which will be easy to remember. After all, flashcards are for quick revisions.

Repeat them

You must repeat the cards at long intervals. You will not be able to remember things looking at a flashcard once. So, repeating them will help you to remember.

Use pictures

Instead of using words try to use pictures as people can remember and recall pictures more than words. So, instead of naming an animal, for example, you can draw a picture of the animal. You can also combine pictures and words.

Use other methods

You should not just depend on the flashcards to memorize things. You should use other methods like a quiz or practice test to revise well for the exam.

Whether you are preparing for the test in your academic school or music school, flashcards are handy. You should use them often, especially before the exams so that you remember things easily and can recall them as well during the exams.